A new study of early human cultures at Blue Oak Ranch Reserve

The 2016 U.C. Davis Archaeological Field School is currently excavating a prehistoric Late Period (A.D. 1000-Contact) archaeological site that resides to the south of the Cedar Barn at Blue Oak Ranch Reserve.

Ethnohistorically, the Paleños of the Costanoan language group inhabited this mountainous area before they were drove out by the Spanish and baptized at Mission Santa Clara during the late 18th century. The focus of this field school is to teach students archaeological excavation methods while also to learn more about the Costanoan groups that once resided in this region. 

Graduate student Roshanne Bakhtiary and her students arrived on June 21st and will be conducting their dig until July 8th. So far the group have documented hundreds of stone tool fragments, including obsidian flakes, tiny hand carved shell beads, mortor stones, and human skeletal remains.